What is Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is, quite simply, a different way to divorce. Collaborative Law is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which the parties reach agreement without going to court. For those couples who are willing to seek creative and amicable problem-solving, Collaborative Law provides a constructive alternative to conventional divorce. Read More

About CPCP

In a traditional divorce, the court process often causes hostility and conflict within a family and places the responsibility for the decisions involved in restructuring the family in the hands of third parties. So in 2002 a group of local attorneys, led by Carol Lindsay, Esq., sought an alternative for separating or divorcing couples and divorced or unmarried parents who were experiencing continuing conflict over matters relating to their children. Read More

Getting Started

  • Review our list of Collaborative Professionals and schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to learn more about the Collaborative Process and how it may work for you.
  • Speak with the other party about the Collaborative Process and share the information on this site with them. Encourage them to meet with another Collaborative attorney to help make their own decision about whether the Collaborative Process is appropriate for them.
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