Jeffrey A. Keiter, Esquire

Jeffrey A. Keiter, Esquire
Jeffrey A. Keiter, Esquire
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For over thirty years, I have practiced family law in the Central Pennsylvania area. During most of that time, the only way for clients to obtain a divorce was by “going to court.” Unfortunately, all too often the experience of the parties to a divorce case (or a custody or support matter) has proved to be devastating, financially and emotionally.


Going to court in an attempt to resolve some of the most difficult personal and family crises a person may ever face,  has led to wide-spread disillusionment with the legal system – and with the lawyers and judges who preside over the adversarial judicial process.  With the advent of Collaborative Law, there is finally a way – a much better and saner way –  in which the legitimate underlying needs and concerns of the parties and their children can be addressed in a constructive, respectful, and dignified manner.


Here is why I am sold on Collaborative Law and the Collaborative Law Process:


When the sole agenda is settlement, and when the sole measure of a lawyer’s success is helping clients reach an agreement both can fully accept, and when the lawyers have been instructed by their clients not to include court-based resolution as part of the range of possible solutions for a given problem, a quantum leap in problem solving frequently occurs: both lawyers and both clients marshal their creative energies toward finding solutions for each problem that could work well for both parties. A concentration of intellectual energy is brought to bear solely on solving the problem that is unmatched in any other kind of negotiations.