Professional Directory

Here you’ll find the complete directory of the talented legal, financial, and mental health professionals who make up the Collaborative Professionals. Click on any entry to learn more about that person.

Name Location Profession
Leslie S. ArztCamp HillAttorney
Vivian BlancWormleysburgMental Health Professional
Christine Taylor Brann, EsquireHersheyAttorney
Debra Denison Cantor, EsquireHarrisburgAttorney, Mediator
Patrick J. Cloonan, Jr., CFP®, CDFA®East PetersburgFinancial Professional
Linda A. Clotfelter, EsquireCamp HillAttorney
Timothy J. Colgan, EsquireDillsburg, Harrisburg**Attorney, Mediator
Gregory A Crumling, CPA/ABV/CFFYorkFinancial Professional
James R. Demmel, EsquireNew CumberlandAttorney, Mediator
Richard B. Druby, EsquireHersheyAttorney
Susan E. Good, EsquireLemoyneAttorney
Melissa Peel Greevy, EsquireAttorney, Mediator
Susan E. Grosh, EsquireLancasterAttorney
Kara W. HaggertyMechanichsburgAttorney
Allison Gossett HastingsHarrisburgAttorney
J. Paul Helvy, EsquireHarrisburgAttorney
Heather Jay-Boardman, MSW, LCSWWormleysburgMental Health Professional
Kim Lee Kenawell, MSFS, AWMA, CDFA, CRPCMechanichsburgFinancial Professional, Mediator
Ann V. Levin, J.D.HarrisburgAttorney, Mediator
Steven Lindenberg, Ph.DHersheyMental Health Professional
Maclay, Lindsay GingrichMechanichsburgAttorney
Theresa C. MarinoHarrisburgAttorney
Kim Melhorn, MSLancasterMental Health Professional
Karen W. Miller, EsquireCamp HillAttorney
JESSICA MYERS-ADAMS, LCSWHarrisburgMental Health Professional
Pamela L. PurdyHarrisburgAttorney, Mediator
Adriann Reed, CPA, CFE, CVAMechanichsburgFinancial Professional
KATE L. ROGERS, M.A., M.A., N.C.C.HersheyMental Health Professional
Nancy L. Rogers, M.S.HersheyMental Health Professional
Sherry Jordan, CPA, CVA, CFF, MA, PMHummelstownFinancial Professional
Jessica E. Smith, EsquireHersheyAttorney
Thomas M. Clark, EsquireDillsburg, Harrisburg**Attorney
The members of CPCP are independent attorneys/professionals who have been trained in the Collaborative Law Process. CPCP member attorneys are not affiliated with each other for the joint practice of law unless they are identified as members of the same law firm. No conflicts of interest are imputed between CPCP members who are members of different law offices. Except for those attorneys who are members of the same law firm, CPCP members retain complete autonomy, render professional advice to their respective clients on an individual and separate basis, and are not restricted in referring, handling or accepting cases, including the representation of an individual where the other party to a dispute is represented by another member of CPCP. CPCP member attorneys who are affiliated with one another as members of the same law firm may not represent any individual where the other party to the conflict is represented by any other member of their law firm. The CPCP member attorneys have shared in the cost of this brochure to provide information to the general public regarding the Collaborative Law Process in Central Pennsylvania. * These members will give a free 15 minute Process only consultation to discuss Collaborative Law and other options. This consultation will not discuss details of your individual case. ** Indicates members with physical offices in other locations.